About the Author

Polly Keith ScottlandPolly Keith Scotland grew up in Minnesota. She was launched into the realm of travel by parents not afraid to load the family of ten into their station wagon for coast-to-coast summer vacations.

After Polly married her husband Lee, they moved to Alaska, compliments of Uncle Sam. The newlyweds spent weekends learning about mountains, avalanches, glaciers, piloting small aircraft, volcanoes, strained muscles, abysmal weather, cliffs, oceans, and wildlife.

After the military, Lee opened a dental practice, with Polly as a dental hygienist, near the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Bemidji, Minnesota. They raised their family, introducing them to the wide world of sports and the great outdoors.

As a former flight attendant and travel cruise escort, Polly has found her most remarkable travel methods involve trekking, paddling, and pedaling. She looks forward to acquainting her grandchildren to multiple adventures as she seeks ways to experience and preserve the world’s unique wilderness locations.