About the Book

By Foot, Pedal, or Paddle is an array of out-there wilderness adventures from around the world. These stories of hiking at 14,000 feet with bruised and blistered feet, biking over strength-sapping mountain passes, and paddling into headwinds and whitecaps will entertain both the casual reader and the outdoor enthusiast.

What others say about By Foot, Pedal, or Paddle:

“Polly Scotland’s delightful vignettes offer something for every armchair traveler––inspiration for those hearty, adventurous types aspiring to do the same, and validation for the rest of us who think you all are nuts.”
*Doreen Orion, author of Queen of the Road

“Travelers like Polly Scotland show the human spirit at its best––on the move for purposes of adventure, appreciation of the vast “other” out there, and the pursuit of self-knowledge. If you haven’t taken a trip for a while, these essays will make you want to get up and go.”
*Will Weaver, author of Sweetland: New & Selected Stories

“These tightly written, vividly described travel adventures are rich with imagery, spiced with geographic and historical references, and bring the reader over the mountain, down into the canyon, through the wind and the waves. Although the physical demands of paddling the Canadian shore of Lake Superior, biking the high country of Colorado, or hiking the sun baked and vertiginous canyons of Mexico are tremendous, Polly is never self-congratulating or boastful; nor, does one suspect, does she embellish the efforts and details of her travels. Polly describes the wonders along the way with humility and gratitude; the reader understands that the inner journey of the writer parallels that taken by foot, bike, or kayak and is just as challenging and unforgettable.”
*Marsh Muirhead, author of Key West Explained––A Guide for the Traveler

“Polly Scotland’s By Foot, Pedal, or Paddle is a compelling format of first-person travel adventures with history with local color.”
*Jim Proebstle, author of Fatal Incident and In the Absence of Honor

“While reading Polly Scotland’s story about a trip to Copper Canyon, I truly wanted to be there. I wanted to hike along side of her and experience the adventure. I could hardly wait to read the next sentence to see where it would take me. Polly has a gift for describing things so that her readers can easily visualize them. There is a difference between a travel log and an adventure. Polly’s combines a fascinating hiking experience to Mexico’s Copper Canyon with Mexican culture and hair raising stories that most of us Gringos will never have in person, but we can experience them in Polly Scotland’s writing. Viva Mexico!”
*John Eggers, owner of WOWTEACHING Creations